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Progress Report: Spencer’s back

Our boy Spencer took on another fitness challenge, and this time, he didn't hold back.

3 Moves Most People Fear (but shouldn’t)

Top NYC trainer, Sarah Revenig, wants you to stop being afraid of your own power.

Meet Katelyn

We’re lucky to have so many inspiring athletes on our roster, but this summer, we are particularly excited to welcome one of our newest Promix Athletes to the #fitfam.

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Meet Spencer

Spencer set out on a 12 week mission to gain as much lean muscle as he could, but ended up with more confidence than he bargained for.

Build the PERFECT Smoothie

We layout the blueprint to make high-protein smoothies that are perfect for your preferences and nutritional needs.

What to Eat on the Keto Diet

Promix Nutrition dives deeper into the hard facts of what to eat on Keto diets.

Customer Questions & Answers

Intermittent Fasting

"Will intermittent fasting or meal timing help me lose weight?"

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High Intensity Interval Training

"I've read that HIIT training can burn more fat than steady-state cardio. How can I make sure I'm doing HIIT correctly? What are the specifics? Do I need to work and rest for a certain amount of time, reach a certain heart rate, etc?"

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"I have a habit of not eating breakfast and feeling starved around 2-3pm. What are some quick, easy ways to make sure there’s fuel in the tank so I don’t overcompensate later on?"

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Healthy Tips for Traveling

"I’ve been traveling so much for work lately that I can’t find time or energy to workout. What are some go-to moves I can do while traveling in a short amount of time to keep me on track?"

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