10-Minute Functional Core

ProMix Nutrition 10 Minute Ab Workout

In our quest for a killer core workout sans crunches, we looked no further than Ryan Hopkins, NSCA-CPT & USAW and Co-Founder + Owner of SoHo Strength Lab in New York City.

Ryan has spent the last 20 years of his life exploring everything fitness and weightlifting related. He’s built one of the most dynamic, well-informed, and educated personal training teams in the nation at SSL, which has become widely known as New York City’s premiere training facility. With a degree in Athletic Training and exhaustive continuing education, Ryan separates himself from many coaches with his encyclopedic knowledge of methods and modalities. As an Olympic weightlifting athlete, he studied under Olympic champions and gold medalists, moving on to train numerous professional athletes. Side effects of training with Ryan include dangerously strong cores and chiseled abs, but the work involved might surprise you: nowhere in his programming will you find a single standard, old-school crunch or sit up.

Instead, Ryan ditches the stale, boring, ineffective moves to bring you a quick ab workout that uses only your body weight to focus on functional core movements for a stronger, tighter midsection. The best part? You can blast it out in as little as 10 minutes. Check it:


Nothing! This is a bodyweight workout that can be done at home or on the road while traveling. Clear a space on the floor, set your timer, and see how many rounds you can crush in 10 minutes.

10 Minute Abs

1. Walk out to spider step

8 reps each side

PRO TIPS: Keep your glutes down in line with your shoulders to maximize core engagement in plank. Move slowly and focus on keeping hips low on your spider step.

AVOID: Moving too quickly, dropping hips, and losing control of your plank.

MODIFY: Can’t bring your foot to meet your hand? Try lifting your knee forward with the goal of making contact with your elbow.

2. Isometric squat + step back lunge 

6 reps each side

PRO TIP: Your glutes are part of your core, so to keep them engaged in this isometric squat hold, keep your weight evenly distributed across your foot as opposed to transferring to direction, into the toes or heels. Again, controlled movement will maximize the burn here.

AVOID: Dropping your chest, letting your squat sneak upward, and stepping too far back in your step back lunges.

MODIFY: Push through your whole foot and come to a full stand between every rep if fatigue is compromising your squat form in the isometric hold.

3. Alternating “T” plank

12 reps each side

PRO TIP: Take a wide stance to maintain control over the lower body as you move through high plank into your side planks.

AVOID: Allowing your hips to hike above or dip below your shoulders.

MODIFY: Lower down to forearm planks to alleviate any discomfort in wrists.

4. Hip bridge foot walks x

8 reps both ways (4 walks in, 4 walks out)

PRO TIP: To keep the lower abdominals just as engaged as your glutes, envision wrapping your hip bones up toward your lower ribs and sinking your navel low.

AVOID: Allowing your hips to drop and lower spine to arch, especially when your heels are far away from your glutes. This creates unnecessary stress on the lower back.

MODIFY: The further out you walk, the harder this one gets. If your hamstrings tighten frequently, simply decrease the range of motion and don’t walk out as far.

5. Supine reach + alternating leg lower

10 reps per leg

PRO TIPS: Keep your knees directly over your hips at 90 degrees and drop your lower back into the ground to protect it and ensure your lower abs are doing the work.

AVOID: Allowing your knees to creep in toward your chest. This takes tension out of the core!

MODIFY: If your neck strains easily, you can always leave your head, neck, and shoulders on the floor and move the legs only.

Training, running his own business, and taking care of a newborn (!) means Ryan basically never sits down. To stay on top of everything, he utilizes Promix’s Athlete Performance System (Preworkout for energy, Creatine for muscle growth, Muscle Fuel for hydration, and our Recovery Formula for maximum muscle repair). This working dad knows the benefits of safe performance enhancers and the value of a recovery as strong as his workouts.

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Now get after that killer core challenge!