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Protein & Supplement Recipes

Rich Chocolate Vegan Protein Pops

This recipe is a summertime shoutout to our vegan & vegetarian athletes who love a cool, sweet, icy treat. (For additional ideas, read about how we construct delicious, nutritious frozen protein pops with ALL of our natural protein supplements.) There are so many fantastic dairy-free ice cream options on the market these days, but, as with any food, making your own at home ensures you are able […]

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Vanilla Chai Protein Shake

Adding chai to your post-workout shake spices up any "vanilla" morning. Perfect for refueling after the gym, or sipping with a meal if your trying to put on additional muscle mass.

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Keto & Paleo Protein Coffee

Ditch fake ingredients by replacing your go-to energy drink with this delicious, nutrient-dense coffee drink. Guaranteed to curb hunger, elevate cognitive function, and keep you at peak performance until the end of your day.

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