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Q & A with Promix Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny

“Is Promix whey Certified Organic?”

All Promix products are non-GMO and gluten free, but our whey protein is not Certified Organic.  We fully support organic farming and practices, but if our whey protein was Certified Organic, the price would be well over $100/container, so we have opted to keep our costs lower in order to be accessible to athletes from all backgrounds. We provide the cleanest, most cost effective protein powder out there. Promix whey is sourced from farms with 100% grass fed cows, and the cows eat grass from fields that have always been grazing fields and not been used commercially for crops or touched by pesticides. Our processing is free of any industrial solvents or irradiation, and all of our products are third party tested for heavy metals, gluten, and other additives and contaminants. (Read more about why third party testing is so important from The USADA HERE.)


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Here’s to keeping your wallet as full as you muscles!

Albert Matheny, R.D., C.S.C.S. – Founder & CEO