Chocolate Collagen Protein Oats

ProMix Chocolate Collagen Oatmeal Breakfast

Chelsey Wilkens is one of New York City’s top trainers and holds so many certifications, they might not all fit on this post (NASM, Yoga Alliance, Poliquin Biosignature I, II, & III, PICP I & II… okay whew, we’re good, they fit). You have probably seen her gracing the pages of magazines like SELF & Women’s Health, and for good reason: the girl glows from inside out. Her secret? Chelsey takes a holistic approach to training and nutritional biochemistry, encouraging balance. You’ll never catch her not practicing what she preaches (however, refreshing: she sometimes preaches – and practices – eating croissants).

When she’s not training clients or teaching classes a SoHo Strength Lab, Chelsey let’s her imagination run wild in the kitchen, creatively finding ways to use the clean, nutritious foods she knows her body needs in way her tastebuds want. She is everyday proof that whole foods and natural ingredients can and should be varied and tasty for optimal nutritional balance.

Since adding Promix Grass-fed Chocolate Collagen Peptides into her morning routine, Chelsey has been able to get the protein she needs to support her intense workouts and physically active career without downing shakes and bars all day long. Plus, the extra support that collagen peptides pump toward her hair, skin, and nails helps her stay fresh for all of those photoshoots. (Read all about the details and benefits of collagen peptides!)

Check out one of her go-to breakfast recipes for a warm, delicious, chocolatey treat to fill you up and keep you going (and glowing).

Promix Chocolate Collagen Oatmeal



  • Freeze dried raspberries as desired
  • Fresh or frozen raspberries as desired
  • Crushed pecans as desired
  • Shredded coconut as desired
  • A sprinkle of bee pollen

*Note from Chelsey: Toppings can vary based upon preferences! A small dose of healthy fats from crushed nuts or nut & seed butters ensures satiety, so eat what YOU like. Do watch out for adding sugar or artificial sweeteners – Promix goes to great lengths to keep all of that stuff out of your system. Instead, sweeten with your favorite fruits!


  1. Begin heating water on top of the stove in an pot (no cover – we eventually want steam)
  2. Mix collagen into the warming water as it comes to a boil
  3. Immediately add oats, and let boil until water starts to evaporate
  4. Continue to stir, and remove from the heat after about 5 minutes. Oats should still have moisture and the spoon should move through them easily
  5. Assemble with your choice of toppings
  6. Enjoy! It’s that easy and so delicious

Now you’re all set up for a successful day!

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Have any requests for recipes YOU want to see? Let us know! Email and we’ll set our test kitchen on a mission to find you the best ways to utilize your Promix natural supplements. Be sure to follow Promix Nutrition on instagram for the most up-to-date announcements and #eeeeats.