Keto Salad Dressing with MCT Oil

Promix MCT Oil Salad Dressing

By now, many of us know the benefits of high quality MCT oil when it comes to curbing appetite and improving focus & cognitive function. You might have even been using it to make Keto & Paleo friendly coffees and smoothies for those mornings when you need an extra boost of energy.


Many of us associate MCT oil, especially MCT oil made from coconuts, like Promix’s solvent-free version, with sweet things. We use it in our beverages and baking mixes without considering that MCT oils with little to no flavor (ahem, like Promix’s) can be used in savory foods, too!

The easiest way to implement more MCT oil into your life – without turning to sweet snacks – is to mix up a simple vinaigrette to dress up your salads. Any hodgepodge of veggies can turn into a beautiful, nutrient-rich feast with the right MCT oil.

The magic numbers

For vinaigrettes, we suggest a 2 to 1 ratio of fat to acid. The following recipe works in 1/4 cups, but as long as you maintain the 2:1 ratio, you can scale your dressing to fit whatever volume you need.


  • 1/4 cup acidic component (we suggest using at least two different acids or vinegars, maybe even three or four! Remember: 4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup. Choose any combination of: lemon, orange, or lime juice, red or white wine vinegar, apple cider or classic white vinegar, balsamic, rice, or sherry vinegar, etc…)
  • 1/4 cup Promix Coconut MCT Oil (6 packets, if you are using stick packs)
  • 1/4 cup flavorful fat of choice (since our MCT oil is so mild in taste, choose an additional oil to make your dressing sing: olive, sesame, chili, and avocado oils are all great options. If you are not strictly observing Keto, you could also use a creamy nut or seed butter, like tahini or peanut butter)
  • Seasonings and spices (salt & pepper, dry spices, even a mustard, miso paste, or other condiment you love can fall into this category)
  • Optional sweetener (honey or agave are fine additions if you are not strictly observing Keto or avoiding natural sugars)


  1. Prepare your favorite combination of vegetables however you like them! Raw or roasted, grilled or sautéed, you can’t go wrong when you pick everything you like. Set aside and let cool to room temperature or keep refrigerated. Up to you!
  2. Measure MCT Oil and additional fat into a bowl and whisk together (a fork works just fine if you don’t own a whisk).
  3. Add in your acidic component and continue to whisk until thoroughly combined.
  4. If you are adding any additional sweetener, now’s the time.
  5. Season and spice.
  6. Toss vegetables with as much of your vinaigrette as desired. This recipes will yield about 6 servings, 2 tablespoons each.


Here are a few tried and true combos to get you going as you experiment to find your personalized flavor profile.


Veggies: bok choy, green onion, eggplant

Dress it up: lime juice & rice vinegar, MCT Oil, chili oil & peanut butter (or Promix Peanut Protein Powder) + hot chili, ginger, & garlic


Veggies: bell peppers, broccoli, white or yellow onion

Dress it up: lime juice & apple cider vinegar, MCT Oil, chili oil (or Promix Peanut Protein Powder) + hot sauce, cumin, & chili powder


Veggies: spinach, tomato, red onion

Dress it up: lemon juice, red and white wine vinegar, & balsamic vinegar, MCT Oil, olive oil, salt, pepper, basil, rosemary, & oregano – even a little dijon mustard for extra zing


Veggies: cauliflower, eggplant, tender herbs

Dress it up: lemon juice & red wine vinegar, MCT Oil, olive oil + tahini, salt, pepper, basil, rosemary, & oregano


If you’re looking into a Kentogenic lifestyle, check out what to eat on Keto diets, find great recipes like this Keto avocado chocolate shake, and even shop for Keto-friendly Promix products.

If you have any requests for recipes YOU want to see, let us know! Email and we’ll set our test kitchen on a mission to find you the best ways to utilize your Promix natural supplements. Be sure to follow Promix Nutrition on instagram for the most up-to-date announcements and #eeeeeats.