Natural Sweeteners

Q & A with Promix Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny

“I’ve noticed some of your products use organic cane sugar and others use whole leaf stevia or monk fruit. Why don’t you use monk fruit or stevia instead of sugar in all of your protein to keep carbs and sugars low across the board?”

Thanks for your question, this is a good one.


I have considered using zero-calorie sweeteners in everything we make over the years. But the truth is, for myself and my training clients, my first choice for them is to use natural, simple sugars sparingly. Something like coconut sugar, cane sugar, maple sugar, or honey, can be highly effective in providing flavor and energy. In small doses, these natural sugars will not add too many additional calories.

Don’t get me wrong. While stevia and monk fruit do not contain any energy (0 calories = 0 energy) there are no safety or metabolic issues with them. In fact, if you are going low calorie, they are a massive improvement over artificial sugars and sweeteners that do often cause upset stomachs, digestive issues, and general discomfort.

The “less than 5” rule

Promix products all contain less than 5 grams off added sugars per serving. Period. This is a tiny amount, and for active people, the sugar is quickly taken up by muscles, increasing the speed of protein uptake and recovery as well. (That’s why there are carbs in our Recovery Formula!)

As more and more people become interested in low carb or Keto diets, I still recommend small amounts of carbohydrates surrounding training to keep performance high. There’s nothing worse than spending time and energy in the gym on a lackluster workout because you are not fueled. It’s a waste of time.

(To learn more about what to eat on keto diets, check this out.)

An exception to the rule

Stevia and monk fruit are used in our Vegan proteins because our pea protein has a strong flavor due to its extremely high purity. Traditional sweeteners don’t do much to balance that flavor, which means we would have to add more than 5 grams of added sugar to have it taste delicious. Because we observe our “less than 5” rule, we use stevia or monk fruit to sweeten these powders due to their highly concentrated sweetness. A little goes a longer way, and less is always more for us.

All natural, all the way

Whether your favorite product has organic cane sugar or whole leaf stevia or monk fruit in it, we are proud to only use naturally occurring sweeteners. They are the best thing for you.

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All food is fuel. It’s just how you use it.

Use it well,

Albert Matheny, R.D., C.S.C.S. – Founder & CEO