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Q & A with Promix Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny

“I’ve been making my own oatmeal in the morning with ‘unflavored’ protein powder. I’ve tried several brands, but every single one alters the flavor of the oatmeal. Is there a Promix product you recommend that will mix well with oatmeal and not alter the flavor?”

Great question! While any of our unflavored protein powders (whey concentrate, whey isolate, zero whey, casein, vegan isolate, and vegan B12) would be a great addition to your oats depending on your dietary needs and preferences, I would consider trying any of our natural collagen protein supplements. My favorite for oats (and breakfast in general) is chocolate – it tastes so good, and the recipe that Promix Athlete Chelsey Wilkens created specifically for this product is insanely delicious and nutrient-dense.

The Registered Dietitian in me feels compelled to recommend adding a bit of fat to this breakfast: the oats have you covered on good carbs for energy and the protein you choose to add will ensure satiety, but a little fat in the morning will help overall digestion, cognitive function, and blood sugar levels. It will also round out the flavor of the oatmeal! This is totally up to you flavor-wise based on your preferences. Nuts, nut butters, traditional butter, coconut oil, and MCT oil are all fantastic options.

Elite level nutrition should be available to everyone, for every meal of the day. I will always be on a mission to continue to develop products that are convenient, help you hit your macros at breakfast, and keep you fueled and feeling good.



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Albert Matheny, R.D., C.S.C.S. – Founder & CEO