Rich Chocolate Vegan Protein Pops

Vegan Rich Chocolate Ice Cream Protein Popsicles

This recipe is a summertime shoutout to our vegan & vegetarian athletes who love a cool, sweet, icy treat.

(For additional ideas, read about how we construct delicious, nutritious frozen protein pops with ALL of our natural protein supplements.)

There are so many fantastic dairy-free ice cream options on the market these days, but, as with any food, making your own at home ensures you are able to monitor exactly what is going into it. If you’re watching calories or macros, this recipe is for you.

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Promix believes in whole, natural foods and natural health supplements, so we like to find ways to recreate recipes on our own to ensure we don’t get any corn, soy, gluten, artificial colors and sweeteners, fillers, or thickeners in what we eat.

(Learn why we skip all of that stuff in everything we make.)

What is “nice” cream?

“Nice” cream is a term used for a non-dairy version of ice cream, typically made with frozen bananas. Banana adds texture and sweetness (the same way it does in a smoothie!) without adding animal products for those with allergies or ethical concerns.

(Brush up on the differences between plant-and animal protein.)

Why vegan?

We aim to support all diets and lifestyles, and acknowledge the benefits of eating plants! While going completely vegan might not fit your needs, adding more plants and whole foods to your diet can benefit your health (1, 2) and help the environment (3).

Health benefits

  • A more nutrient-dense diet (1)
  • Lower blood sugar, improved kidney function, and lower risk of heart disease (1)
  • A healthy BMI through weight management and weight loss (2)
  • Highly sustainable in terms of food production (3)

So whether you’re completely plant-based or a meat loving carnivore, this treat is for you! Try whipping up our creamy, chocolate “nice” cream, or make it into single serving bars for your next cookout.

Rich Chocolate Vegan Protein Pops


*What’s the difference between these two natural vegan protein powders? Take a closer look:


  1. With a standard blender or immersion blender, puree the bananas until smooth.
  2. Blend in your cocoa powder and protein powder.
  3. If more moisture is needed, carefully add plant-based milk one or two tablespoons at a time and blend until an ice cream-like consistency is achieved.
  4. If you’re enjoying in cones or bowls, serve and add toppings as desired!
  5. For popsicles, spoon carefully into molds or trays and smooth.
  6. Sprinkle toppings onto chocolate pops before freezing. Let freeze for at least 24 hours before serving.

Learn more about how to achieve your nutrition goals with Promix and give all of our vegan protein powder options a try while testing our formula to find your perfect smoothie. If you have any requests for recipes YOU want to see, let us know! Email and we’ll set our test kitchen on a mission to find you the best ways to utilize your Promix natural supplements. Be sure to follow Promix Nutrition on instagram for the most up-to-date announcements and #eeeeeats.


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