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Our new and improved Protein Puff Bars are the epitome of pure ingredients for pure results.

We all identify with feeling pulled in a hundred different directions. There never seems to be enough time for anything: between work, family, kids, and social calendars, our time for fitness and meal planning tend to be the first things to take the back burner.

Promix’s mission is to provide solutions to the nutritional problems that face every type of athlete. We’re not only thrilled to say we’re bringing you another great trick to keep up your sleeve, but proud to talk about its new and improved recipe.

Athletes, meet the Puff Bar 2.0.

Whether you’re running out the door every morning or ravenous by lunchtime, we all know that thinking ahead is tough on-the-go. We made Promix Protein Puff Bars with our signature whey Protein Puffs to bring you a blast of protein you could take anywhere, from work to the gym, from the car to your kid’s lunchboxes.

(Learn why protein is the ideal way to support your health and fitness goals and find out which option is right for you.)

With only 140-150 calories per bar, our original Puff Bar was the perfect snack for anytime. Our athletes used them as a quick breakfast replacement when they didn’t feel like eating in the mornings. They stashed them in their gym bags for when they didn’t feel like drinking a shake post-workout. They kept them handy for races, games, and competitions to level out blood sugar and elevate their energy. And perhaps most critically, they stashed them in the center consoles of their cars to keep hungry kids from melting down in the backseat.

(Pick up some other hacks for healthy parenting from some of our athletes.)

We were THRILLED that so many people were incorporating our clean, crunchy treats into their lifestyle, and so excited to bring the fitness world a different kind of protein bar with no sticky fruit and nut mixes.

But, in the quest to really perfect the treat, we started thinking on how we could make them even better.

Promix Athlete Hollis Tuttle

A “slow-bake” is a BETTER bake

We discovered that by lowering the temperature at which we cooked these babies and letting them go a little longer in the oven, the texture of our clean marshmallow recipe became even softer and chewier, making a more delicious, sweet texture to encircle the crispy, crunchy whey protein puffs we love to crunch on.

A trip to Flavor Town

We also examined new ways to tweak the flavors we already loved. Our newest batch of bars uses Madagascar vanilla for a sweeter, creamier flavor we can’t get enough of. Madagascar vanilla is heralded as the most delicious, classic-tasting vanilla bean available (1). It produces high-quality extracts that make a baking staple for all of our flavor purists. Madagascar’s farmers and curers have developed a rare expertise when it comes to producing the best tasting, purest vanilla.

These simple tweaks, combined with all of the other factors that made the Puff Bar stand out, led to a version so yummy and nutrient-dense, we had to shout about it from the mountain tops.

Promix Athlete Chris Parnell

Natural ingredients

Our ingredients lists are always short and to-the-point. Our Puff Bars are no exception to that rule. Not only do we painstakingly make sure you know exactly what you are putting in your body, we do the work to only bring you what you need with nothing you don’t. The artificial flavors, thickeners, fillers, binders, and GMO-laced ingredients that have become normalized for many protein bar producers are nowhere to be found in our peanut-free production facilities.

We don’t take short-cuts. We don’t take the less expensive route. We’re not here to mess around.

The base: Promix Protein Puffs

Our grass-fed whey Protein Puffs are made with the highest quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.*

(Read about the benefits of natural whey protein concentrate supplements.)

(See if whey protein isolate powder fits your personal goals for lean muscle mass.)

Our original Puffs are tiny pockets of perfect crunch that make the base of our clean protein bars different than the sticky, sugar-filled “energy” bars you see on the shelves of your grocery stores. Plus, they are fun to eat! Like everything we make, Protein Puffs are non-GMO, gluten, corn, and soy free.

(Study up on why our Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny, doesn’t let anything with corn, gluten, soy, or GMOs hit your kitchen counter.)

*It should be noted that, while the whey protein isolate in our Puffs is extremely low lactose, those with very intense milk allergies or extreme lactose intolerance might experience digestive issues. We want you feeling your best – always – so we’re working to bring some dairy-free options to the table. Sit tight, we’ve got you.

The bind: Marshmallow (but cleaner)

Our marshmallow blend is made from organic tapioca syrup and fiber, organic inulin from the Jerusalem artichoke, egg whites, and that tasty Madagascar vanilla bean extract we told you about. We also threw in some organic coconut oil for a blast of MCTs to boost nutritional value (not to mention, add even more punch to the flavor!).

Tapioca fiber and the organic prebiotic fiber pulled from the Jerusalem artichoke are among some of the most beneficial sources of fiber available (2).

Inulin from the Jerusalem artichoke has been shown to increase good bacteria in the gut and colon (3), strengthen the immune system to prevent certain metabolic disorders (45) and even help your nervous system promote proper muscle function (6).

Egg whites are a source of pure protein that carry no fat or sugar, so naturally, like many of our products, they help you grow and preserve muscle, cut fat, and promote satiety to get you on the calorie deficit you need to lose weight (7).

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), like the ones found in the organic coconut oil we’ve included, have consistently been proven to improve memory and cognitive function, boost energy and physical endurance, and help with weight loss and weight management by increasing the hormones in your body that make you feel full (8).

The embellishments: adding even more flavor

You can’t go wrong with the elevated Madagascar vanilla Puff Bar. After all, with macros this immaculate, it’s easy to feel good about indulging in a nostalgic childhood favorite.

But for those of us with chocolate cravings that prove difficult to crush, we’ve upped our chocolate game by infusing our Chocolate Chip Bar with cocoa and dark, unsweetened chocolate chips. The chips we sprinkle on each bar are the real deal, and contain iron & flavanols that have been studied to be advantageous for heart health and rich in anti-oxidants (9).

Throw in real mint leaves on top of that, and you get our Mint Chocolate Bar. This one helps you avoid having to chase down a Girl Scout for a box of cookies you’ll inevitably eat in a few days (or, be honest, one sitting).

Keeping your food exciting through flavor is just as important to satiety as having a stellar nutritional panel. We wanted to bring you something that felt like a splurge for your taste buds, but didn’t break you calorie and macro banks. Puff bars take care of your physical hunger and the emotional urge we all get to treat ourselves.

How and when to use

Protein Puff Bars are truly one of the most versatile things we make. They can be eaten:

  • for or in addition to breakfast
  • as a snack anytime of day
  • post-workout for quick-digesting recovery protein
  • as a treat or dessert after a full meal

With more protein than two eggs, these low sugar protein bars are perfect any time you need quality fuel, fast.


Adults, don’t keep these all to yourselves. Puff bars are adored by men and women alike, but this high-protein bar is a great source of calcium and especially great for kids. The small, easily absorbed and digested molecules of whey protein mean you and your little ones feel fuller, longer, and quickly. Promix grass-fed whey is cold-processed, micro-filtered, and extremely bioavailable for efficient metabolization. Low blood sugar-induced tantrums? Yeah. We’re over them. They’re a thing of the past.

Spoiler alert: we’ve got a LOT more options coming your way specifically for our little athletes. Get excited.

Promix Athlete Dave Durante

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We urge you to make sure that everything you eat is all natural and free of things your don’t need. When you come to us, we do that work for you. Always.

Have a new product you want to see, or a suggestion on how we can improve? Email and hit us with your thoughts. We work for YOU and want to improve your day-to-day, plain and simple. Be sure to follow Promix Nutrition on instagram for the most up-to-date announcements and stay in touch with what our phenomenal athletes are up to!


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