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Albert Matheny Promix Nutrition

Promix Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny, is a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist with a passion for health and unstoppable need to ensure everyone has access to it.

In fact, if you spend time on our site, you’ll notice a contact number directly at the top, where you can always reach him.

That’s Al’s cell. Not kidding.

He wanted you to be able to ask questions and coach you toward your goals at a moment’s notice, so he’s made himself available to you 24/7.

Sounds a little crazy, right?

Maybe it is. But he looks forward to helping everyday Promix athletes find exactly what they need to set them up for success, no matter how different or specific their goals and lifestyles are.

Here, we take a look at a few real, live text conversations between Albert and our customers. Maybe some of his answers will help educate you as you conquer your own goals!

1. Hello! I would like to know what gelatin is used in the marshmallow that is in your protein bar.

Hello, and thanks for your message! No gelatin is used in our Protein Puff Bars. Our non-GMO “marshmallow” is made with: Tapioca syrup*, tapioca fiber*, glycerin, inulin* (from Jerusalem artichoke), filtered water, vanilla extract, agar, egg whites, and sea salt.

(*means organic) 😀

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2. Hi there. I was just wondering what the difference is between using the whey isolate and the recovery (protein and carbs) besides the obvious ingredient differences. Is one better than the other post workout?

Hi! Thanks for your message and question. The Recovery would be best if you are training multiple times within a 24 hour period (for example, a morning and an evening workout). To recover for these, you need the Recovery formula and carbs post-workout to help replenish your glycogen stores quickly for your next workout in addition to the protein for muscle repair. If you are only training once per day, I would recommend the Whey Protein Isolate only, unless your primary training goal is to add muscle mass and/or additional weight.

Thanks so much. That is a great and thorough answer. I typically work out every morning, so the isolate would probably be better. If training twice in a 24 hour period, would you take the recovery after both?

Yep! I would say the isolate would be best if you are training in the mornings. The choice also depends on the goal of your training and what the rest of your nutrition is like. If you are eating low carb in general, then having a good amount of carbs might be a good idea for recovery. If you are eating a normal carb diet, or one of your goals is to lose body fat, then you don’t need the extra carbs.

For training twice in a 24 hour period, I would just take the Recovery after the first workout, assuming that you are eating a full meal at some point after your second workout. Factoring in the time you are sleeping (which, if you are training 1-2 times a day, should hopefully be 7+ hours at night), you don’t need carbs again after your second workout because you will have a good amount of time before your next session.

If you are training with a lot of endurance activity or very long workouts, or notice during your first training session of the day that you don’t have good energy levels, then I would recommend Recovery after the second workout as well. I would still try and get most of your carbs, aside from after that first workout, from meals and snacks, or try making a fruit smoothie.

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3. Question, does the Cherry Limeade-Free Form BCAA have pre workout or caffeine in it? I’m not looking for a product to make me jittery or hyper.

Hi! Don’t worry – none of our natural BCAAs have caffeine or any other stimulants added to them. They are strictly for recovery and to prevent muscle wasting.

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Promix Nutrition BCAAs are a completely different product than our Pre workout.

4. I currently drink 2 protein shakes per day with your vegan protein, but am wondering what else would be beneficial to add. I lift 4 days per week and am looking to add muscle.

Hi! Are you drinking one of the shakes immediately after your workout? If you can give me more details on your diet and training, I can certainly give you a better recommendation. For example, since you have a goal of adding muscle, do you know how many calories per day you are eating? What is your current height/weight and what is your goal weight? Are you doing other workouts (like running) that are not strength training? It might be a good idea to try using the Promix Protein Calculator to assess your needs.

I take the shake after lifting and usually another one throughout the day. Im currently doing a 4 day upper/lower split with 1 day of running. I eat a plant-based diet. Just curious what else I should include in my workout regimen (bcaa, pre workout etc).

Thanks for the additional information! If you are working out for over 1 hour, the BCAAs will be helpful to have during your workout. Pre workout is great if you are looking for more energy/intensity during your workout. Are you eating maybe around 2,500 calories per day? Are you doing any compound lifts like squats or deadlifts? Generally, to add muscle and keep it on, most people need to do a good amount of squats, deadlifts, and similar movements.

Yes, my routine is compound exercise-focused. So pre workout before, BCAAs during, and protein after is a good setup?

Yes, that works well. The pre workout is fairly strong, so I would recommend 1 scoop to start. Beta Alanine is added in all of our formulas except for the “tingle free” Lemonade. Beta Alanine is a worthwhile addition for explosive power in lifts and sprints, but just know that it creates a noticeable tingling sensation. Workout-wise, that sounds good. I had success working in some 5×5 programming on the compound lifts. If you still feel that you are not progressing with lifts and muscle gain, I would look at increasing your overall calories to see if that helps.

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5. Hi! I was wondering which types of collagens are in the supplements?

Hi! We have a bovine collagen from grass-fed Brazilian cows as well as a marine collagen protein powder from wild-caught Norwegian cod. The marine collagen is primarily Type 1 collagen, while bovine is a mix of Type 1 and III.

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6. If your protein has been pasteurized, can you truly say it is undenatured?

Good question! Yes! Denaturation occurs when the protein’s primary structured is altered and becomes biologically unavailable. This can occur when exposed to extreme heat (temperature) over time, or when it’s put into acidic conditions. Well-controlled pasteurization is required by the FDA for consumer protection if you are shipping product across state lines, so we do employ this practice, however, it does not have the combination of time and high temperature that would result in a denaturation of the whey protein. Additionally, our third-party testing occurs post-production to verify, among other things, the nutritional content, including amino acid profiles.

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If you have any questions regarding our natural protein supplements and how they support your training, visit our FAQs page, submit your own questions to our Q&A page, or for an immediate response, text Albert! Always feel free to email us at sales@promixnutrition.com and be sure to follow Promix Nutrition on instagram for the most up-to-date announcements and more posts and workouts that will inspire you!