The Healthiest Snacks for Kids

Finding the right snack foods can be a challenge, especially in the middle of summer when families are always on-the-move.

But health-conscious parents know that selecting the snack menu for the day goes beyond the complications of convenience: pre-packaged supermarket goodies are often full off added sugars, weird preservatives with long, unpronounceable names, and sneaky dyes and food colorings that can cause major health problems in the long run.

Promix’s mission is to provide simple solutions to the nutritional problems that face every type of athlete, making professional nutrition available to all ages, from all walks of life. And when it comes to our little superstars, we not only want them to be feeling good on the playground or in the middle of a soccer game, we want to nourish them with all of the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals they’ll need to grow into strong, healthy adults.

Introducing Promix Kids

Whether your children need a midday munch at the kitchen counter or love a surprise in their lunchbox at school or camp, our newest line of better-for-you snacks is just what you need to put a smile of their face. We made our new Tigey Bars out of carob, an ultra-beneficial superfood (1).

We’ve also revamped our innovative Protein Puff Bars into Kids Protein Puff Bars with our signature whey Protein Puffs in two NEW flavors and a better size for smaller bites to bring little athletes a blast of protein anywhere, anytime.

(Learn the benefits of protein in your kid’s diets and decide which option is right for you and your family.)

With low calorie and sugar counts, our latest line of Tigey Bars and Kid’s Puff Bars are the perfect fuel for any occasion. Kid’s Puff Bars are a quick breakfast replacement for picky eaters who don’t feel hungry first thing in the morning, while Tigey Bars serve as your secret weapon to keep in your bag or glove compartment for moments when you’re away from home and blood sugar plummets. Kiss hanger-induced tantrums goodbye when you give your kids a sweet treat you can feel good about.

(Check out these tips for healthy parenting from some of our favorite Promix athletes.)

And unlike other lunchbox items that are high is sugar and preservatives, these special treats are pristine enough that you can treat yourself to one, too, 100% guilt-free. Keep them handy for pre and post workout or an after dinner dessert for a little well deserved indulgence!

(Don’t worry – we make the adult version of our Protein Puff Bars. Read about their benefits and decide if they meet your snack time needs.)

Carob makes a come back

Tigey Bars are an easy choice for candy bar loving children for a taste and texture just like milk chocolate.

They contain just five ingredients:

  1. Naturally sweet superfood organic carob
  2. Organic cacao
  3. Grass-fed whole milk
  4. Real vanilla extract
  5. Non-GMO sunflower lecithin (for smooth texture)

With no added sugar, this small group of high quality ingredients makes for a great tasting treat that has fiber, protein, and healthy fats. These little bars come in resealable bags of 15 individually wrapped Tigeys for perfect portioning.

Plus, each bag of Tigey Bars comes with its own Tigey coloring page to keep fun activities on the table while you’re working from home!

Like all Promix products, we stand by the high quality ingredients we use, but are just as proud of what is not in them. Tigey Bars are free of gluten, soy, corn, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, gums, artificial sweeteners, “natural” flavors, stevia, sugar alcohols, canola oil, and all of those preservatives we aren’t a fan of.

(We never use corn, soy, or gluten, because our Registered Dietitians believe those ingredients can hurt more than they help. Learn why.)

Finally, a protein bar for kids

Promix kids protein puff bars

We took our soft baked Protein Puff Bars and listened to our busy parents when it came to nutrition.

Natural ingredients

Our ingredients lists are always short and to-the-point. With the health of our children on the line, there is no room for anything but the best. The artificial flavors, thickeners, fillers, binders, and GMO-laced ingredients that have become normalized for many snack bar producers are nowhere to be found in our peanut-free production facilities.

We have never taken short-cuts or cut costs. We are in the business of putting the highest quality nutrition on your shelves.

The “must have” : Promix Protein Puffs

Our grass-fed whey Protein Puffs are made with the highest quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.*

(Read about the benefits of natural whey protein concentrate supplements.)

(See if whey protein isolate powder fits your personal goals for lean muscle mass.)

Our original Puffs are tiny pockets of perfect crunch that make the base of our Promix Kids Puff Bars different than the sticky, sugar-filled “energy” bars you see on the shelves of your grocery stores. Plus, they are fun to eat!

*It should be noted that, while the whey protein isolate in our Puffs is extremely low lactose, those with very intense milk allergies or extreme lactose intolerance might experience digestive issues. We want you feeling your best – always – so we’re working to bring some dairy-free options to the table. Sit tight, we’ve got you.

The game changer: Marshmallow (but cleaner)

Our marshmallow blend is full of organic prebiotic fiber, organic coconut oil for a blast of MCTs, and egg whites to boost nutritional value.

Prebiotic fiber has been shown to:

  • Increase good bacteria in the gut and colon (2)
  • Strengthen the immune system to prevent certain metabolic disorders (34)
  • Help the nervous system promote proper muscle function (5)

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) – found in the organic coconut oil – have consistently been proven to improve memory and cognitive function and stabilize energy (6).

(Plus, if you find yourself konking out after lunch, MCTs are a great way to beat that 3pm slump.)

Egg whites are a source of pure protein that carry no fat or sugar, so naturally, like many of our products, they help kids grow and preserve muscle and promote satiety to stay in high spirits (7).

Our kid’s protein bars travel easily and contain 50% less sugar than the leading kid’s snack bar. With only 100 calories, we still managed to pack in 10 grams of protein to fill tummies and help muscles grow and develop properly.

Improving the classic crispy treat

Now, when it came to flavor, we listened to the little ones. With so many kid’s professing undying love for the classic marshmallow treat, we knew we had big shoes to fill. The chewy texture of our clean marshmallow recipe binds our crispy, crunchy whey Protein Puffs for an unbeatable snack that is as satisfying as it is sweet, and when we add in our flavor combos, they simply can’t be beat.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Our Vanilla Chocolate Chip bar uses Madagascar vanilla for a delicious, creamy flavor we can’t get enough of. Madagascar vanilla is considered the most fragrant, classic-tasting vanilla bean available (8). A sprinkling of organic semi-sweet chocolate chips makes this bar extra delicious.

You might even dip into the box yourself! Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you.


By popular demand, we took our perfected Vanilla Crisp flavor and mixed in a warm spice blend to create the first ever natural protein bar to taste just like your favorite, fresh baked cookie! Not only is this variety nutrient-dense on the nutrition panel, the added benefit of a healthy dose of cinnamon has been proven to help regulate blood sugar (9), which is a BIG bonus for any parents facing a child experiencing hunger-induced mood swings.

Hint: get ahead of that hunger wave. Another benefit of protein is that it takes a while to digest and will keep your kids feeling fuller, longer.

(Do YOU need more protein, too? Find the perfect amount for YOU with the Promix Protein Calculator.)

Promix stands behind all of our products with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you order any of our Promix Kids products and your kids don’t approve, send us an email and we will exchange or refund your order. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

(Find the blueprint for building the perfect summer smoothie for those long days outside.)

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