The Promix Protein Calculator

Promix Protein Calculator

You’ve set your goals and want to adjust your diet. But you’re not sure where to start.

You’re not alone.

Figuring out how to fuel for success can be challenging. There are so many things that factor into the equation, from genetics to activity levels, dietary choices to daily lifestyle.

That’s why Promix Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny, created The Promix Protein intake calculator. With over ten years of experience as a Registered Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist for elite athletes, Albert created Promix to bring the best in natural protein supplements and nutritional supplements to everyone. Now, he’s gone one step beyond to help you figure out exactly how much protein you need to support your training.

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The Promix Protein Calculator is the best tool for the job for many reasons.

1. It’s specifically tailored to accommodate every level of fitness and type of diet.

This isn’t the average “plug-and-chug” protein calculator you see all over the internet. To ensure that everyone gets the best, most accurate results, you’ll start by letting us know how activity factors into your lifestyle. The needs of someone who works out recreationally are different than the needs of athletes on intense training programs. We take all of this into account.

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2. We don’t subscribe to “one size fits all”.

The Promix Protein Calculator also differs from others in its use of body types, taking genetics into consideration. You’ll often see the same ideal weight or protein count prescribed to people of similar heights and weights without other genetic factors taken into consideration. Albert’s extensive experience has taught him that body type and body composition are part of the equation, which means your results will provide a better sense of realistic numbers that are also highly personalized.

3. We go the extra mile.

Not only will we help you discover how much protein you need, but recommend how much can come from supplements and show you the best products for you based upon your preferences and dietary patterns. We’d never send you off on your journey without a plan!

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