Top 10 Health & Fitness Questions Answered

One of our missions is to educate athletes on an ongoing basis. With the world of fitness and nutrition evolving every single day, it helps that we have an Advisory Board of expert practitioners from all walks of like who keep discussions meaningful and most importantly, honest.

Registered Dietitian and Naturopathic Physician Dr. Jaime Schehr sat down with us to thoroughly answer the top ten health and fitness questions we receive, shedding light on common misconceptions, and bringing the truth about the importance of high quality foods and supplements to the forefront.

Watch her full interview here:

Dr. Jamie Schehr, ND, RD, Promix Advisory Board Member
  1. What do you recommend for someone trying to lose weight? – 2:32
  2. What is your advice to someone who wants to gain weight or put on muscle? – 3:25
  3. Would you recommend supplements for someone who is just getting into fitness? – 4:19
  4. What are your thoughts on the Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting? – 5:03
  5. How do I decide which protein is the right one for me and when I should take it? – 5:40
  6. What is your take on collagen supplements? – 7:00
  7. What should I eat before a workout? – 7:47
  8. How do I know which brands are good and which products to take? – 9:02
  9. Which supplements do you use and why? – 11:02
  10. What would your ideal diet look like? – 12:07

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