Total Body Kettlebell Complex

ProMix Total Body Kettlebell Workout

We’re thrilled to feature Joey Hernandez, personal trainer at Apeiron Fitness in Dallas, TX. After leaving an unfulfilling 9-5 job in sales to follow his true passion and become an educator, he’s fitter, healthier, and happier than ever. Even now, with a wealth of knowledge and an impressive roster of clientele, he’s always looking for new ways to keep the fundamentals of functional training exciting and accessible to everyone. Here, he serves you a killer, total body kettlebell complex that fits all of our criteria:

Elements we love

  1. It’s a smart workout that checks the “total body” boxes: there’s a push, a pull, a hinge, a squat, and a core+explosive component.
  2. It’s scalable for all fitness levels.
  3. It can be as short or long as you need! If you’re running low on time, do fewer rounds and go a little heavier for more of a strength focus, but if you’ve got more time, you can take the weight down, increase your rounds, and build muscular endurance.

What you’re working with

“A kettlebell complex is a circuit performed with kettlebells. Complete each set for one movement, then quickly advance to the next move. Try not to take your hands off the weight until the series is finished!”

All you’ll need for thing full-body blast is a set of kettlebells that feel challenging, yet manageable. You can always bump up or drop down as you go to make it more or less challenging!

Don’t have kettlebells? A set of dumbbells can work just as well.

Grab your weights and get ready:

1. Kettlebell chest press + isometric glute bridge hold1

8-12 reps

PRO TIPS: This is a full-body movement that calls for engagement in your feet, glutes, quads, core, upper back, triceps, and pectorals. Move slowly to ensure everything is moving (or holding) as it should be!

AVOID: Moving too quickly, dropping hips, and arching your lower back.

MODIFY: If pressing both kettlebells at once is too challenging, consider dropping to one weight or two lighter kettlebells. Alternating presses between each arm is also an option. Remember you can always lose the glute bridge to focus on the push motion.null

2. Kettlebell swings

8-12 reps

PRO TIPS: The power training (speed+strength) you get from kettlebell swings improves so many aspects of performance (running, jumping, kicking, punching, etc). Form is critical! Keep your shoulders down and core tight to ensure safe spine placement.

AVOID: If something feels off, stop and reassess. Even if you’ve got a good rhythm going, blasting through your reps means nothing if you’re out of alignment. In fact, you can end up doing damage to your body.

MODIFY: Performing kettlebell swings with two kettlebells creates instability, so a nice regression for those who need to build into two weights is to drop down to one. You can even bump your weight up to match that of the two you were using, but swinging one weight only will provide a more manageable movement for those still mastering this move.

3. Kettlebell row + deadlift

8-12 reps

PRO TIPS: There is no shame in going lighter for a row from a hinge than you might for a row where one foot is bracing forward in a lunge position. This position is less stable, so by practicing and progressing this movement, you can see incredible strength and balance gains.

AVOID: Similar to the kettlebell swing, this hinge + pull motion requires your shoulders to stay packed down and core to remain tight. It’s easy to let it all go the moment you hinge forward – stay alert!

MODIFY: If standing all the way up from your hinge to finish the deadlift is too much, simply focus on the row. There’s nothing wrong with peeling layers off of compound movements to master form!

4. Kettlebell front squat

8-12 reps

PRO TIPS: Increase your range of motion (how deeply you sit) to progress this movement! Work to dip lower than parallel with control, pushing back up through your entire foot and squeezing your glutes.

AVOID: Forgetting about your core! This squat is not just for your lower body: it’s an excellent movement for challenging core stability.

MODIFY: Two weights can easily become one weight, and one can become none! You can also reverse the above-mentioned progression and decrease the range on motion, especially if you frequently experience knee or hip issues.

Between training his clients and putting in so much work himself, Joey stays pretty busy. To keep his energy up and reach his own personal fitness goals, he utilizes Promix’s Whey Isolate Protein Powder in shakes and smoothies to hit the macros necessary for lean muscle building. This also keeps him feeling full and satisfied, promoting fat loss.

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Want to add more moves to your repertoire? Check back in on our workouts section for additional combos from top trainers and Promix Athletes, and make sure to refuel with the elite level nutrition that every athlete deserves. Promix is proud to serve athletes of all levels the quality protein supplements, critical nutritional supplements, safe performance enhancers, and the education they need to support training and hit their goals.

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Now, get your kettlebells and get to work!