What to Eat for Lean Body Mass

ProMix Nutrition What to Eat for Lean Body Mass

Q & A with Promix Founder & CEO, Albert Matheny

“What foods & ingredients should be avoided when strength training for lean body mass?

Aside from the obvious ingredients none of us want in our bodies (read my thoughts on GMOs, corn, soy, and gluten) you truly don’t need to do anything special outside of the standard good health guidelines we all generally know. This means no extreme diets that are specifically low or high in certain macro nutrients, and absolutely no extreme calorie deficits. You have to eat properly to see the results you’re training for. If you’re trying to add lean mass, make sure you are getting adequate calories, protein, and water (hydration is critical no matter what your goals are).


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Albert Matheny, R.D., C.S.C.S. – Founder & CEO